Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gigi Is AFRAID!! President Trump, and Earth becoming a Dark Planet

I got this email from my good friend Gigi tonight. We had been talking earlier about "the moment" when we realized that Trump had actually won the election. 

I think it would be very good if people started really talking honestly with one another just like Gigi does in this email. People should be honest about how they feel. It's really stressful to act like you're not freaking out when you are. If people open up like this, we might also be able to open our government up and clean out the psychopaths. 

Gigi wrote:
Since that night, I have such a heavy, heavy feeling all of the time. I think whether we like it not, we are witnessing the entrance into a very dark period for our country. 
There have obviously been dark periods before, i.e. slavery, decimation of Native Americans, the great depression, etc., but now we are smack in the middle of this one. I feel like I'm free falling and the feeling of being so powerless over it all is paralyzing and sickening and astonishing. 
Have you ever read the children's book "A Wrinkle in Time"?* Every day, as I obsessively watch the news and read the news and talk to people, I feel like I am in a dream (nightmare?). Everyone I talk to feels the same way and yet we all look at each other with a slightly panicky look in our eyes and make stupid jokes and share our latest "riduculous Trump quotes", but there is a deep underlying fear beneath our jokes. Because none of us knows where this will lead and what might be asked of us, or what will happen to those we love. We are still very privileged and the changes won't happen to us for a while, but eventually, the darkness will start to come closer to our orbits and then what . . . what will we do, what will we choose, what will we ignore, what will be agree to . . . I am afraid.  
*Note: The children's book A Wrinkle in Time is a must-read for every adult concerned about the fate of our planet. If you have read "Brave New World" and "1984" but don't know and use the term "dark planet", it means you have missed out on a key book! I'll bet now that Trump is president, sales of this book will surge!  


  1. That is a very thoughtful and sincere post that comes very close to how I feel and act as well. There is that constant feeling of uneasiness as to what madness will come next, what evil will be brought about thereafter. Will we, the world be functional still AFTER TRUMP? Will we be able to heal, to overcome?

    While there is light and hope due to the many acts of resistance, it is only a matter of time until some of his madness will start to stick.

    But let us continue to hope, to believe and to resist with all a free and democratic society can offer.

  2. Thanks for your sincere answer.

    You write, "It is only a matter of time until some of his madness will start to stick". That's what is really getting to me. We're still in this grace period where nothing much has actually changed at all, except for the feeling of being an American.

    THAT has changed profoundly. We're living in a freak show, presided over by an incompetent, insane leader whose only real skill is being a TV gameshow host. It's reality TV 24/7, and we have been FORCED to become part of the cast!

  3. Gigi is just another hysterical loon on the left, much like yourself.
    We conservatives like his policies/actions so far. So much better than that sleaze bag Obama.

    1. Anonymous: I doubt that you speak on behalf of "we conservatives" when Trump has a 39% approval rating. Which policies/actions do you like so far? I don't even know any republicans who like him; you basically have to be alt-right if you support him. You absolutely have to be a xenophobic nationalist, a global warming denier and anti-science.

    2. Jeff & Emy,

      I hope the person who left this comment you responded to got a chance to read your great response. And I hope he or she is susceptible to logic.

      Trump recently made an announcement to North Korea that our patience is over. The grace period that we've been "enjoying" for the past few months, during which Trump hasn't actually changed much of anything in our lives, is just about over as well. Just by the stroke of a pen, Obama stopped the storing of nuclear waste at the geologically unstable Yucca Mountain site, near Las Vegas. Trump just as easily can reinstate use of this very dangerous site for high level nuclear waste. If something goes wrong there, which it almost certainly will (see what happened at the large nuclear waste storage site in New Mexico a couple of years ago), huge areas of agricultural land will become unusable for half a million years (it blows my mind to compare this with the pyramids in Egypt, which are only about 6,000 years old). Millions of American children will get thyroid cancer. If we learn anything from history, it's that world leaders ain't playin'. We need to be ready to revolt the moment Trump tries to use some frightening event (a large terrorist attack on our soil, a US preemptive attack against North Korea, a huge natural disaster) to take away our right to demonstrate, our freedom of speech, our freedom to publish anti-Trump views.

  4. Oh, wow, that is too rich. Obama is a sleaze bag! That's hilarious when we have the groper, sexual assaulter-in-chief, a man who can't tell the truth from lies and who has less integrity than a cockroach. Amazing.

    1. It's amazing how blind these guys are to themselves! Based on his many centrist policies, his corporate sponsors, etc., it's plausible when a leftist calls Obama a sleaze bag, but when a TRUMP SUPPORTER does it, it's downright ludicrous and hypocritical. Obama's sleaze quotient is a tiny fraction of Trump's.