Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Gigi Is AFRAID!! President Trump, and Earth becoming a Dark Planet

I got this email from my good friend Gigi tonight. We had been talking earlier about "the moment" when we realized that Trump had actually won the election. 

I think it would be very good if people started really talking honestly with one another just like Gigi does in this email. People should be honest about how they feel. It's really stressful to act like you're not freaking out when you are. If people open up like this, we might also be able to open our government up and clean out the psychopaths. 

Gigi wrote:
Since that night, I have such a heavy, heavy feeling all of the time. I think whether we like it not, we are witnessing the entrance into a very dark period for our country. 
There have obviously been dark periods before, i.e. slavery, decimation of Native Americans, the great depression, etc., but now we are smack in the middle of this one. I feel like I'm free falling and the feeling of being so powerless over it all is paralyzing and sickening and astonishing. 
Have you ever read the children's book "A Wrinkle in Time"?* Every day, as I obsessively watch the news and read the news and talk to people, I feel like I am in a dream (nightmare?). Everyone I talk to feels the same way and yet we all look at each other with a slightly panicky look in our eyes and make stupid jokes and share our latest "riduculous Trump quotes", but there is a deep underlying fear beneath our jokes. Because none of us knows where this will lead and what might be asked of us, or what will happen to those we love. We are still very privileged and the changes won't happen to us for a while, but eventually, the darkness will start to come closer to our orbits and then what . . . what will we do, what will we choose, what will we ignore, what will be agree to . . . I am afraid.  
*Note: The children's book A Wrinkle in Time is a must-read for every adult concerned about the fate of our planet. If you have read "Brave New World" and "1984" but don't know and use the term "dark planet", it means you have missed out on a key book! I'll bet now that Trump is president, sales of this book will surge!  

Monday, May 15, 2017

NBA coach Gregg Popovich Explains Your Reality

Please listen to top NBA Basketball coach Gregg Popovich explaining your reality under the cloud of Donald Trump as President. I read and write about politics every day, but I have never come close to summing up our situation as well as Mr. Popovich does here in his short statement in this video clip (a minute and a half). 

Please listen, and please post a comment on my blog space. Posting annonymously is fine! And please share this clip with your friends and relatives who are still somehow supporting Trump. Many of them probably have great respect for this great winning basketball coach.

If you'd like to hear more, here's Popovich talking right after the election, explaining what Trump's election victory actually means. After hearing this, if nothing else, at least you won't feel alone in being totally freaked out about what's going on in our government!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Geraldo, Brian Williams, and Amerikans 💖 War

On Fox Propaganda, regarding the dropping of the MOAB on militants in Afghanistan last Thursday:

“And that’s what happens when a 21,000-pound bomb explodes in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, where at least 36 ISIS fighters have lost their lives,” ‘Fox and Friends’ host Brian Kilmeade said on Friday.

“That is what freedom looks like,” fellow host Ainsley Earhardt said. “That’s the red white and blue.”
"One of my favorite things!"
“Well, one of my favorite things in the 16 years I’ve been here at Fox News is watching bombs drop on bad guys,” Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera added.

(The MOAB, our largest non-nuclear bomb, kills or fucks up everybody in a 2-mile circle, and costs $16 million a pop. We had 20 of them, now we have 19.)
Brian waxes poetic about the beauty of the rockets’ red glare
Another great patriot, Brian Williams, the former top news anchor in the United States, rhapsodized about the beauty of the 59 missiles Trump launched earlier this month at a military air base in Syria. The total cost of the missiles was about $60 million. 10 soldiers and 4 civilians were killed. Some of the missiles totally missed their targets, and the air base was useable the next day. The few military aircraft that were hit were already out of service.
The rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air . . .

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Donald Trump Longs for the "Good Old Days"

I notice people talking about how bad Hillary was as a candidate. And they talk about some of the good ideas Trump has come up with. The smart Trump sympathizers talk about how Hillary was more likely than Trump to start World War 3 with Russia, and their evidence is compelling. But Trump supporters seem to be overlooking one incredibly important point: they seem blind to just how abhorrent and frightening Trump is as a president. I'm noticing that a lot of formerly good people have somehow become insane, and they have become apologists for Trump!

Every breath we have taken in our lives and every beat of our hearts in our lifetimes has been under the presidency of a Hillary-like leader! Hillary lied and killed, but so did Johnson and Nixon. So did Obama. But we've never lived under the presidency of an ignorant, dishonest, racist, greedy, criminal (look at his environmental stance and his stance on torture) clown! Once you speak at length about your plans to command American citizens to use techniques far more extreme than waterboarding to torture people, you might as well have bitten the head off a kitten on the debate stage or showed a reporter kiddie porn on your cell phone! And yet Trump supporters actually have the ability to overlook this!

Here. I made a video for you, just 3 minutes long. This is a screen capture from an excellent 2016 Netflix documentary, 13th.

Thank you for following my blog! Let's get down to business. Now it's life or death.

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